Some Words About Us

Since the time of the creation of Green Palace Contracting & Maintenance L.L.C in 2006, The company has successfully grown to complete many diverse projects such as Villas, Buildings, warehouses, and many other related housings. Due to its discipline, dedicated management leadership under the owner and the general manager of the company Eng Ashraf Samir.

Engr. Ashraf Samir
     Founder and General Manager.

Most of our ongoing projects which are currently being under Construction & Maintenance are much ahead of the planned schedule within the original budget, We supersede in quality and time due to its meticulous planning and uncompromising efforts at every stage of the project. Green Palace Contracting & Maintenance L.L.C company has gained a reputation as one of the leading, best managed, dependable, We aspire to keep the unhindered growth of the company in meeting the future demands by enhancing, investing, and restructuring the resources to suit the current accelerations in newer technologies.